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      Metal separator

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      Metal separator

      Metal separator


      LCP special metal separator features:
      1 induction coil from the German technology to produce and control the computer, to have absolute control accuracy:
      . 2 LCP metal material can be separated in a separator comprising a magnetic or non-magnetic metal (such as iron, copper, aluminum, tin, stainless steel and other common metal):
      3 pull out of the raw material in the grain temperature is lowered, the material feeder with automatic feeding metal separator to separate the metal-containing material;
      4 can be individually placed beside the crusher, crushing took really good raw metal separator, the separation of the metal-containing material to prevent metallic impurities into the injection molding machines and other equipment, protects the device screw, hot runner mold etc., can also be loaded directly on the injection molding machine:
      5 metal separators simple operation, without the use of specialized personnel and care, but with a bracket and lower hopper (can be customized according to customer's actual demand), enabling customers to use:
      6 Industry:. (Special granulation plant or injection molding plant) HDPE recycled granules, ABS plastic materials, renewable materials, outlet material, recycled scrap.
      How mixed metal separators plastic raw materials?
      1, raw metal impurities entrained in itself, two metal pieces from the maintenance or loading site, 3, metal wear their own production machines, 4, operators wear metal jewelry pieces.
      Existing electronic and plastic injection factory, for example, often encounter the following problems:
      An injection molding machine nozzle clogging,
      2 connectors embedded with metal,
      3 product failure
      Since these plants use the injection molding machine nozzle is usually only 2-3 mm, so once back compound containing raw materials or metal particles or metal wire is particularly easy to block the vents, causing poor or completely blocked vents, even with improved injection pressure to no avail; sometimes hurt the mold and screw and so on. Plastic electronics factory terminal connector is generally used for stainless steel or copper, the worker easily sorting or transport waste material containing metal back member to be treated is mixed in the raw material. Even the big manufacturers of plastic raw materials can not guarantee 100% does not contain metal particles of impurities, not to mention their own crushed material back.
      For these reasons, the use of recycled material in preparation for when it is necessary to consider the potential risks caused by metal contamination and how to reduce that risk to the greatest extent. These must be excluded as potential impurities in the metal particles!




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