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      Magnesium alloy shredder

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      Magnesium alloy shredder

      Magnesium alloy shredder

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      The use of magnesium alloy shredder :
      Magnesium alloy shredder is a machine used for crushing , generally used for handling raw materials or scrap to make finer size . Representative examples of after the shredded scrap plastics or rubber as a raw material melting granulation for re-production of plastic bottles, trash tire or the like . Shredder used in plastics recycling industry , commonly used in large diameter PE waste plastic pipe , packaged in bundles of plastic film, plastic sheet and a large pile of broken nose material .
      In fact, shredder for shredding all kinds of plastics , rubber , tires, fiber, paper, wood, iron , waste electrical , cable scrap , industrial scrap, garbage and other solid or hollow materials.

      Magnesium alloy shredder machine structure details :
      1 , the general use of magnesium alloy shredder motor directly coupled crushing device , this connection is simple , easy maintenance. However, if the two can not be well connected in the assembly process , can cause overall vibration mill .
      ( 1 ) grinder motor rotor and rotor misalignment . To the left and right to move the position of the motor or the motor underfoot padded bottom to adjust the concentricity of the two rotors .
      ( 2 ) shredder rotor misalignment . The reason is that the palm branch two rotor shaft bearing surface not in the same plane. Can pad the bottom surface of the support bearing copper , or an increase in the bottom bearing wedge adjustable by guarantee two concentric shafts head .
      ( 3 ) a larger portion of the crushing chamber vibration . The reason is the uneven quality of the different flat hammer inside the heart or the rotor and the rotor shaft coupling joints . Depending on the type couplings can be taken to the appropriate method withered entire coupling and motor connection : When the uneven quality of the hammer , hammer in each group to be re- matching , the relative said the hammer , the relative said the hammer chip error is less than 5G.

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