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      Shredder Price

      Shredder Price

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      Shredder ( Price ) - uses:
      Shredder for shredding generally difficult to broken plastic, rubber , fiber, paper, wood, electrical parts, cables and other solid materials , such as: outlet material , plastic head , PET bottles , cardboard , board , wood, plastic barrels. Users can handle the size and amount of material to choose the appropriate model . If users need special crushing hard materials, such as : When nylon , ABS, PC and high- strength plastic shredding machine manufacturers need to explain the situation .

      Shredder ( price ) - the basic structure :
      1 , waste plastic conveyor → → → shredder crusher → particle packing plastic shredder shredder
      2 , after a subsequent shredder Crusher , generally a large volume of plastic could be reduced by 30 %, some even up to 50% of the material .
      3 , in fact, our lives, many of the plastic can be recycled for reuse , for example : polyethylene, polystyrene, nylon and the like. As long as we put it shredded into particles small enough that we can put it to melt extruder and then extruded use . But the key point is : feeding plastic waste particles must be small enough to use as a step prior to extrusion granulation process generally broken plastic first . People now live without plastic , and therefore have a great waste plastics, waste plastics for recycling is a big market .



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