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      Waste tire shredder

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      Waste tire shredder

      Waste tire shredder

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      Waste tire crusher routine maintenance and repair :
      Waste tire crusher equipment at work , need someone to look after the side , it needs to care what things? Here I will do a brief introduction about .
      ( 1 ) of ore must be allocated to the plate in the middle , do not permit the ore directly fed into the crushing chamber . Because it is easy to make crusher overload , make liner wear unevenly .
      The right to mine conditions are:
      a distribution plate ore uniformly dispersed in the crushing cavity .
      b ore can not be fed into higher levels of rolling acetabular wall.
      ( 2 ) the largest waste tire crusher ore size allowed is equal to the mine mouth size ( the maximum size of the ore block ≤ 85% to the mine mouth size ) otherwise it will lead to :
      a crusher to reduce the yield .
      b tire crusher some other parts of the damage.
      ( 3 ) are not allowed to load starting crushers , load start will cause an accident.
      ( 4 ) When parking , you must first stop the feeder and let the ore has been crushed into the crushing chamber after discharge , so that the crusher parking.
      Work ( 5 ) tire crusher should always check the pressure of the locking system and hydraulic station , identify problems and timely treatment.

      Waste tire crusher Product Features :
      Waste tire crusher is the use of waste plastics , rubber recycling granulation of the necessary equipment , it can all kinds of plastic ( bags, plastic sheeting , bags , rubber, sponge , etc. ) products, crushed into small pieces and crushed wherein the cleaning while removing dust and impurities , thereby obtaining a clean cleaning plastic articles , the plastic recycling machine can work smoothly .

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