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      Circuit board shredder

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      Circuit board shredder

      Circuit board shredder

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      Circuit board shredder operation tips :
      Circuit board shredder in the process of working through some of the tips that we can make the shredder work more efficient, faster and more secure.
      1 Power circuit board shredder before preheating idling , many people overlook this small detail, but the fact that the work to go through before shredder idling their warm-up can greatly improve working conditions and life.
      2 try to choose the same kind of material , such as we tear timber, timber has been torn , shredded cans on the transplant shredded cans , so you can ensure that the work results shredder , tear out of the product is more uniform , while also the role of a protective shredder .
      3 lubrication shredder to do , not only in order to increase production and production capacity, but also to the life of shredder longer.
      4 shredder off the machine after the work is completed in the material you want to be completely discharged before .

      PCB waste shredder in the shoes Application :
      PCB waste shredder can act on shoes , you know? The main materials used are leather shoes and rubber. Shredder can be a good line of used shoes to use tear then processed again .
      Scrap leather shoe uppers are generally material , and the material is mainly rubber soles for shoes scrap work , scrap equipment in general because of its flexibility, not easy to be crushed. Shredder Unlike other crushing equipment , using the biaxial cutter structure that can easily be torn shoes will be used , not because of its good flexibility and can not be shredded.

      Circuit board shredder Photo Gallery :

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