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      Pipe Crusher

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      Pipe Crusher

      Pipe Crusher

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      Pipe Crusher Products:
      Pipe Crusher is suitable for crushing confidential long PVC profile, such as: plastic doors and windows, plastic pipes, plates, etc., without cutting segment, one-time continuous feeding. Internal SWP series horizontal plastic crusher unique design is specifically for crushing hard and ductile plastic profiles and design of the new crusher, is based on the SWP series crusher for the improvement and extension. The two models can automatically feed, and no fan scrap conveyor device, turn on the device, operation and maintenance is very convenient, is breaking all kinds of tubes and profiles of ideal models.

      Pipe Crusher features:
      1, a long plastic tubing, profiles without cutting segments can be directly broken;
      2, broken uniform particles and particles directly with fans pumping bagging warehousing;
      3, double hopper design, feeding mouth with Drop curtain, broken and low noise;
      4, replace the blade, convenient mesh respectively with the screw handwheel operation;
      5, the rotor can meet the high hardness heavy, thick-walled, toughness pipes, profiles.

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