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      Large horizontal drying mixer

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      Large horizontal drying mixer

      Large horizontal drying mixer

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      Large-scale Horizontal Drying mixer Features and functions:
      A stainless steel spiral blade .
      2, high raw material from used plastic granules, powder and mixing materials transportation .
      3 , with stable performance , labor-saving , safe and reliable .
      4, the product can be used with all kinds of extruders used to make plastic powder particles fed automatically from the storage box door material by feeding material level control loop to achieve feeding automation.
      5 , according to the actual site custom , movable work . After the conveyor HL-220 specifications specifications according to customer demand for on-site custom size

      Large horizontal the drying mixer 's installation requires pay attention to those problem then ?
      1 . Line problem . Large-scale Horizontal the drying mixer installation includes a shredder machine 's to walk line, this just like we decorating the house , line take a good a , later in the at home on the convenience a , while the If you take the 's is not good , it will cause some of the plagued by and inconvenience. Shredder machine In the when to go line of can first pair switch design carry out arrangements for , try to choose convenient a safe place , in the outside of shredded machine 's machines switch want to plus one control circuit of Zhadao , used for cut off the circuit .
      2 . Shredder machine of fixed . Shredder machine is a kind crusher equipment , therefore there will be a certain degree of vibration , while the when the if the installation 's there is no fixed good it will lead to vibration shredder machine intensifies, the along with affect the time and resonance of , loosening shredded machine 's is the inevitable phenomenon . And if we fixed firmly enough, then not only can make the vibration shredder machine becomes smaller , but also more applies ships within long-term production .

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