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      Plastic sheeting crusher

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      Plastic sheeting crusher

      Plastic sheeting crusher

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      Plastic sheeting crusher is designed for plastic bottles, cans and containers strong elastic material and a high efficiency mill professionally designed , based on the conventional type grinder added a forced feeding device - Forced Binder board. Production of crushed containers strong elastic material is twice as much as when the same type of conventional models , and is particularly suitable for automated material on the conveyor production line , without manual feed / binder , adapt dry / wet grinding in two ways is necessary to clean PET recycling crushing equipment production line .

      Plastic sheeting Crusher Features:
      A, water bottle crusher rational design . Body is made of high quality steel welded together.
      B, high-strength screw fastening , solid structure , durable.
      C, hosts compact design, scrap adopt separation design, so that higher yields .
      D, processing flakes broken out evenly , a small loss. Replacing multiple screens simultaneously , to meet different needs.
      E, equipped with tools of different materials , so that for different materials , the tool can be telescopic adjustment , with a blunt grind , use many times , long life . Into the hopper , grinding tools , screen can be easily removed for easy cleaning.
      F, the machine has advanced structure , beautiful appearance, easy operation , stable operation , low investment , high efficiency and other advantages.
      G, with increasing numbers of inertia pulley to increase mill , can save energy and a strong break.

      Strong vibration crusher plastic sheeting for a reason :
      In rural areas, common to reconditioned and hammer mill initial installation of the fuselage , where a strong vibration test run . This occurs mainly in the following reasons:
      ( 1 ) Maintenance hammer assembly installation errors . Hammer Plane turn used to prevent the rotor weight loss of balance , the hammer mill all together for face must turn around , otherwise strong vibrations occur during operation.
      ( 2 ) corresponds to the difference between the two groups hammer weight over 5 grams . Exclusion method is to adjust the weight of the hammer , so that the weight of the two groups corresponding to the difference of less than 5 grams.
      ( 3 ) Individual hammer card too tight , do not throw off running . Can be turned by hand after stopping to observe , think of ways to make the hammer rotation flexibility .
      ( 4 ) Other parts by weight of the rotor imbalance , then the need to adjust the balance were carefully examined .
      ( 5 ) the shaft bending deformation. The solution is straightened or replaced.

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