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      Plastic Crusher

      Plastic Crusher

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      Use plastic crushing machine :
      Plastic crusher is a machine used for crushing , generally used for handling raw materials or scrap to make finer size . Representative examples of after the shredded scrap plastics or rubber as a raw material melting granulation for re-production of plastic bottles, trash tire or the like . Shredder used in plastics recycling industry , commonly used in large diameter PE waste plastic pipe , packaged in bundles of plastic film, plastic sheet and a large pile of broken nose material .
      In fact, plastic crusher for all kinds of shredded plastic , rubber , tires, fiber, paper, wood, iron , waste electrical , cable scrap , industrial scrap, garbage and other solid or hollow materials.

      Plastic crusher crushing machine to use as you ?
      Shredder is a professional shredding equipment can be for a variety of materials for shredding process , you know, shredder can also be used as a crushing machine to do the job .
      Crusher crushing relatively high requirements for materials , and fully meet the requirements shredder crushing machine , shredder waste recycling has a huge role. For cans , plastic bottles, and so some of the rubber material and scrap wood we use every day can be a good tear work . And for the most difficult job crushed shredded rubber tires and other materials, shredders and they can work efficiently .
      Shredder uses a low- speed and high torque of the structure , which would allow shredder has a powerful power source, and if the structure of the cutter combined with each other to take the knife and fixed knife in its cutterhead on selection very important mechanical Brocade special alloy materials selected , a class of the steel sheet material can also be shredded to work well , and therefore shredder cutter for material selection is very important.

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