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      Automatic meter copper winnowing machine (with stand)

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      Automatic meter copper winnowing machine (with stand)

      Automatic meter copper winnowing machine (with stand)


      Automatic meter copper winnowing machine (with stand) major equipment and functions:
      1, No. 1, cutting machine - manpower is needed to put into the scrap wire cutting machine, although hand-operated weaknesses, but the operation is very simple, the yield is good.
      2, magnet conveyor - is to be transferred from the 1st cutting machine out of scrap wire to the device on the 2nd machine and set the iron magnets and other foreign matter in its top. It is not only used for mobile role, and when the 2nd mill too saturated, it will automatically stop, and so the 2nd mill fully digested before normal operation.
      3, No. 2, mill - the mill through the 1st 2 ~ 3cm become scrap wire crushing and coarse separation devices. After this machine can participate in a variety of foreign bodies crushed on the skin, and the copper is completely separated. And at the bottom with a filter to control the processing speed and output wires under different specifications, and can be done by replacing the filter fine to coarse hair into yarn processing capacity of the power cables. Grinding chamber with a hydraulic actuator, repair and films are very easy tool change, but also the strengths of this machine.
      4 , blowers - to the 2nd mill crushed material is transferred to the use of pressure waves and sorting machine transfer device .
      5 Sorter - is the core mechanical, is a complete separation of copper and sheath device sent . Although the complex structure , but simple operation and easy maintenance.
      6 , bag dust collector - sorting machine is dust generated by recycling the dust blower unit , the upper band has 12 filter cloth , filter cloth material imported airtight ensure effective recovery of the dust environment around the machine air degrees.
      7, AIR ROCK ( rotary valve ) - located at the lower end of the dust , the dust is discharged internal timing operation of the rotary valve.
      8, the screw conveyor - dust collector dust generated by AIR ROCK ( rotary valve ) is recovered and discharged outside the apparatus .
      9, the control cabinet - adjust all machines , a kind of control device , an emergency stop , timer functions. Principles for the PLC control program can be programmed in the machine , and each section are arranged individually controllable with a strong stability characteristics.
      10 , vibrating sorting machines ( water type ) , the feed screw , circular pool ; plastic with copper meters completely separated , recycled copper meters up to 99% purity .
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