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      Crusher overview :
      Crusher belongs elbows board simple pendulum jaw crusher . Mainly from the rack, movable jaw , the link portion , elbow plate , adjusting unit , transmission and other components . Crusher , the motor is driven by the triangle belt and pulley eccentric shaft is rotated so that the connecting rod up and down movement of the body , driving back and forth moving jaw toggle plate to promote sports , so that the material into the crushing chamber in shock , squeezing , bending loads , etc. is broken.

      Crusher Product Features :
      1, for a wide range, can be crushing , recycling of various materials , shapes plastic products ;
      2 , process maturity, important parts box , knife and other holistic processing, ensure with precision;
      3 , reasonable structure , convenient operation, power and durable , practical and economical ;
      4, with a number of security devices to ensure safe operation ;
      5 Double wall hopper design to reduce noise.

      Crusher causes large analysis:
      When the crusher equipment to start a job , lots of crushing chamber at the processing stage , screen , and transportation equipment are dust generated , especially when the materials are dumped operation , will produce a lot of dust into the air at once , these dust particles are very small , easily absorbed in the skin material , the material and the operator or the operator directly by inhalation .
      If you do not take effective means to deal with constantly working crusher equipment will produce a lot of dust , the dust will not only affect their own production to bring crusher equipment , human health and the operator to bring damage , while polluting the environment , then the dust in the end is how to generate it ?


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