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      Blender is a large plastic injection molding production of Big Brother

      Time:2014-1-22 Click:3771

      Large plastic mixers and mixing all kinds of agitation of granular materials and masterbatches , this machine is a large plastic mixing equipment , which overcomes the deficiencies of traditional blender hold a variety of mixed side, plastic extrusion , injection molding production ideal equipment.
      1 . Drums and even stainless steel spiral leaf , Du rust -colored , easy to clean.
      2 . Frame by frame design with rugged .
      3 . After processing the whole propeller welding, high concentricity , smooth operation.
      4 . Vertical operation , covering note .
      5. Sealed stir ; mixing uniformity , no leakage of material .
      6. Horsepower , mixing big , fast , 3 - 5 minutes immediately be uniform.
      7 . Rack chassis design grease filling device , bearing durability .
      8. Optional devices attached (1 electric devices, two propellers turning protected. ) Can be widely used : plastic pellet , regrind , plastic film material, plastic materials and add masterbatch stir old homogenization purposes. Application sectors ; pipe profiles, plastic materials, plastic granulator , masterbatch manufacturing, renewable materials recycling and processing , large injection molding industry .
      Large plastic mixer failure problems :
      1 when the stirring shaft is not long , the length of time of less than 1 m , the bearing arrangement can be canceled , it can effectively prevent the bearing lubricating fluid into the mixing tank , the tank material contamination problem . Below this AAF vertical mixer is based Shanghai customers, " stirred tank materials require strict conditions to avoid the oil pollution ," the special needs of the pollution -free design.
      2, the bearing arrangement must be used , you can set the cap on the agitator shaft , combined with mixing tank superstructure set up a ledge retaining device can effectively prevent gear bearing seal leakage problems after long-term use of stirred tank fall .


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