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      Single shaft shredders - originally there are so many secrets

      Time:2014-1-22 Click:3491

      Single Shaft Shredder features:
      Suitable for winding and strong material shredded, allowing a small amount of material in the thin metal objects
      Tool use and maintenance of low cost
      Under the same circumstances and biaxial shredder power, three-axis shredder, four shredder relatively low prices
      Easy tool change
      Material can be adjusted according to the size of the mesh size of the aperture
      Compact single shaft shredders structure with curved pusher, take up less space, stroke and larger bins general shredder can shred more difficult for the broken plastic, rubber, fiber, paper, wood, electrical parts, cables and other solid materials, such as: outlet material, plastic head, PET bottles, cardboard, board, wood, plastic barrels. Users can handle the size and amount of material to choose the appropriate model. If users need special crushing hard materials, such as: When nylon, ABS, PC high-strength plastic need to explain the situation.


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